When deciding to start any business one major consideration is longevity.  In other words will there still be a demand for the products or services that I am offering for years to come?

Longevity is just as important a consideration (if not even more so) when buying a franchise as you will be committing to an agreement with your franchisor that will run for a minimum of five years and hopefully longer.

At Pro. Clinics we are confident that the non surgical treatments that we offer will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

However we wouldn’t expect you to simply take our word for it. In the box to the right we have included some data produced by Key Note an independent Data Analysis Company to back up our assertion.

At Pro. Clinics we are committed to ensuring that we keep abreast of all developments in the non surgical market in order that our franchisees will be able to provide the latest and most effective treatments within our chosen field for the duration of their franchise.

The provision of non-surgical cosmetic procedures are consistently more than ten times more numerous than the most popular surgical procedures:

 The non-medical surgery market in the UK “was unaffected by the global economic downturn” and “continued to expand during the recession.”  Non-surgical procedures continue to significantly out-strip those involving surgery.  Non-surgical procedures now account for 85% of the market and are expected to become even more popular, increasing by 27%, as the growing population opts for less invasive surgery.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures tend to be less expensive than the surgical equivalent and are viewed by many as having fewer associated risks and quicker results.