Pro. Clinics is a premises based franchise. Our initial research will ensure that your chosen location has the right demographic for our business model and we will make sure that your premises are in the right location.

Our business can be run as an ‘Operator’ Model where you as the franchisee will provide the treatments or alternatively it can be run as a ‘Management’ model where you employ staff to provide the treatments and your role is to manage the business. Whilst we are happy to consider both options we would strongly recommend that you start as an Operator in order to fully understand the treatments and how to administer them.

Our training will also ensure that you are fully conversant with all the administration involved in the business as well as making sure that you have an effective local marketing strategy to gain clients.

As a franchisee you will have an exclusive territory under a 5 year licence with two automatic renewal rights of a further 5 + 5 years). You will also receive a ‘launch package’ detailed in this document with everything that you need to commence trading in your clinic.

Owning a Pro. Clinics franchise has distinct advantages over many other franchised businesses.

As previously mentioned you do not need to have any medical training.

You can, certainly in the early days as the business builds, operate a Pro. Clinics on your own, as treatments are always on a one to one basis. This will ensure that you maximise your income potential.

Treatments are almost 100% by appointment only therefore you can arrange your business hours to suit your lifestyle requirements such as childcare, family commitments, holidays etc..

You can grow the business from one where you operate on your own to employing staff as your turnover grows. This will create a business model with a strong future re-sale value