So what exactly do we mean when we say “Do We Fit?”  Whilst it is important to you that you choose the right franchisor it is equally important to us that we choose the right type of person to become our franchise. We hope to have a long and mutually beneficial relationship so the ‘fit’ is crucial.

The success of our business is not simply about  being able to administer the treatments. Just as important are your ‘customer’ care skills. You will have a one 2 one consultation with your clients many of whom are sensitive about the condition that they are being treated for. It is crucial that you have the ability  to make them feel relaxed and comfortable and are empathetic to any concerns that they may have.

It goes without saying that we are seeking individuals with a great work ethic, but it is equally important that you are willing to operate your business within the guidelines that have made us successful. After all why wouldn’t you want to replicate a winning formula?

As we have already explained ,  as all of our treatments are non medical no previous experience within this field is required. We would be particularly interested in individuals who have experience within the ‘Health & Beauty Sector’ and who possess the relevant qualifications. That being said we will consider all individuals whose personal attributes match our criteria.